Sludge Nizer NV20


Superior cost performance
Very convenient and highly efficient

NV20 is designed for many people to use without difficulty.
NV20 is a high-performance oil line cleaning machine.

Model Sludge Nizer NV20
Frequency 50/60Hz
Voltage 100V
Weight 40kg
Dimension W460×D420×T885mm
Discharge Pump 90W 5.5L/Min
Inhalation Pump 90W 5.5L/Min
Air Pressure 0.3Mpa
Control Panel Push button

Cleaning effect

■Extremely short operation in time
Around 15 minutes including oil change

■Cleaning effect easily understood by oil gauge
Collect old oil which cannot be removed by normal oil change. New oil performs in best condition.

■Recommend cleaning by NV20 once a year or every 10,000km
Record sticker will help to create repeat users



■Single washing !! 20 consecutive washing
NV20 can operate 20 times by one cartridge of cleaning fluid. Can easily replace cleaning fluid by plastic tank of cartridge type

■Simple process. Only push the start button.
NV20 only choose a course among large, medium and small according to oil capacity . 
Control panel has soft touch method to achieve accurate operation

■Realize small size and lightweight
Can operate at small space. Easily transfer it by light commercial van or truck.

■Fitted to most vehicles.
Can do the work for most Japanese cars by base adapter set as well as some European cars

■Drain adaptor
Mostly fit to any kind of drain hole. Improve operation time and labor cost.


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