Carbo Nizer CN-101

Sufficiently effective by short period of time, eg 20 min.

Improve engine performance, eg fuel efficiency, engine sound, vibration and response

◎ Stable idling of engine

◎ Restoration of compression

Clean every gap of engine combustion chamber, including piston ring grooves, and improve the balance of compression of each cylinder. Also improve efficiency of engine combustion and reduce engine vibration/noise.

◎ Better fuel efficiency

Achieve better fuel efficiency through effect of cleaning carbon which improve efficiency of engine combustion

◎ Stable sound of engine, reduction of engine vibration

◎ Better vehicle emission control. Reduction of exhaust gas, eg CO and HC

◎ Smooth response of throttle

◎ Improve output characteristics of engine

(It may be influenced by driving condition of test vehicle)

Negative impact by carbon inside combustion chamber

Effect of CN-101

Charatcteristics of CN-101

◎Easy operation

Infuse CN-101 through air hose duct while engine turning on

◎Specific know-how to achieve efficient cleaning

Recommend CN-101 operation by every 10,000km or two years which comes first