It reduces disposal bottle by filling fluid to recycle bottle repeatedly!

It contributes to protect the environment by recycle of resources and reduction of waste. It is not only environment friendly but it also supports cost reduction!

●One of the best in the industry in terms of filling capacity to recycle bottle
●Sufficient power as brake parts cleaning
●Multi cleaning fluid for many purposes
●Cost saving by recycle bottle (recommend for ISO certified company)
●Quick and easy filling of cleaning fluid
●Complete cleaning fluid by high pressure of the bottle

Specification Compressed spray bottle by recycling material
Fluid Petroleum No 1, Hazardous Class 2
Not classified as organic solvent poisoning
Chemical aliphatic hydrocarbon, petroleum distillate, etc
Capacity 340ml by one filling
Propellant Compressed air

※Pressure limit on machine : Max 1.5 Mpa (15 bar)
※Pressure limit on bottle: Max 2.4 Mpa (24 bar)

Operating Manual

  • Filling

    ①Put recycle bottle on the clamp table
    ②Fix the bottle by clamp lever
    Automatically fill in cleaning fluid to bottle
    You cannot fill in again after the operation. Please start filling operation with empty bottle

  • Completion of filling

    Indicator will show “Completion”, then air will be pressed into bottle.
    ③After you confirm the completion of filling, please remove recycling bottle

  • Additional filling of air

    ①Put main valve to “air filling” position (Please reconfirm NO fluid condition by indicator)
    ②Put recycle bottle on clamp table and fix it by clamp lever (Only air will be filled in)
    Remove recycle bottle from clamp table