Air refresh


Air refresh deodorize the smell with air cleaning system made by natural plant. It is a newly developed deodorant and completely different from the previous mechanism which mixes up the smell with deodorant. It deodorize the smell caused by bacteria with phytoncide which refresh the air inside car. It is made from natural plant extract of phytoncide and has no chemical and artificial material. It is safe to human body and friendly to environment.

What is phytoncide?

Unlike animals, natural plants secrete phytoncide to protect themselves from enemy and microbe while sometimes to attract and coexist with them. Phytoncide, or Fitintsid in Russian, is a natural material which comes from trees to restrict microbe and deodorize odor.
Many kinds of animals and plants are rotting in the wood but there are no bad odor at all. In the city, however, bad odor is mixed up and stay in the concrete wall. It is known that natural plants has phytoncide which deodorize odor in the wood.

●Phytoncide has insecticidal efficiency
●Phytoncide attracts creature to coexist

Air refresh is made from “phytoncide” which is condensed from plant extract.

Phytoncide essential in eating habits

air_refresh_3Phytoncide is found at our ordinary life. It keeps the freshness of food as antioxidant, for example…

●Food with leaves, eg mochi wrapped in cherry-leaves, rice cake in oak leaves, trout sushi with leaves, etc
●Sushi is served on the Japanese cypress
●Japanese sake is kept in the barrel of Japanese cedar

Deodrizing effect

Air refresh is bacteria eliminating+antibacterial+deodrizing material. It is made from “phytoncide” which is highly condensed from plant extract.

Many deodorant products are designed to restrict bad smell by other smell which is so called masking method. However, they do not eliminate the cause of smell and do not last long time. Air refresh is a resolution deodorant and works for chemical element – or it eliminates the root cause. For example, it resolute ammonia into nitrogen and hydrogen which have no smell. Air refresh can deodorize the smell of cigarette which is most difficult to do.
Air refresh is made from natural material and it includes “hinokiol” of cypress which has antibacterial effect.


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